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Look at this dish! It was specially made upon request with the noodles, tofu, and sesame. The chef is really good. He made the ramen noodles himself instead of buying the lomein noodles from the asian market. Delicious! Five stars!

Alexandre Carvalho

The pho borth is excellent and the portions of tender meat generous, almost too much meat. We really enjoyed the shrimp fried rice too, and again, a larger than normal amount of shrimp in the dish. But the best part is the staff and the owner. Their customer service is superb.The owner takes pride in his work and you can just tell he gets great satisfaction out of running a restaurant and creating delicious food for his customers. Go Mae it your next meal!

Chris Okubo

I have yet to try the food here but everyone is raving about it. Ive stopped in twice now to eat a mangoboba soothie and both ties it was really delicious. The boba quality definitely seems on point here. I will be coming back for more and im excited to try the food. The atmosphere is calm and collected with nice pop music playing both ties I went.

Shane Pedroni

Amazing food!! I got the rice plate with garlic rib eye, super yummy. Also great customer service and everyone is so ind. It was my first time and I definitely will be going there again very soon:))


My experience was so great! We got seated very quickly and the staff gave us a perfect amount of time to order our food. When it came we got just what we asked for. The owner was friendly enough to ome by and personally thank us for coming in. We had such a great experience!

Ercy Urena Perez